Information and Updates on The ELITE case

Information and Updates on The ELITE case

Our slogan is "Built for your Journey," and our mission is to design and create high-quality gear and accessories for wherever your journey takes you! 

We founded Bullstrap with our own journey in mind. We sought to create a premium quality leather Apple Watch strap that suited our fast-paced lifestyle. We’ve since launched a variety of other premium accessories and products, and we are ready to do it again.

Enter the Elite iPhone Case. For the past several months, we have been designing and rendering what we believe to be THE highest quality iPhone 12 case on the market in regards to both the materials used and the level of detail achieved.


July 26, 2021

 Let's talk about the details, shall we?

July 7, 2021

June 11, 2021


We are OFFICIALLY producing The Elite Case! We honestly couldn't be more excited about this! Checkout the video above to see a couple pieces of the molds that we designed specifically for this product!

Give us a week or two and we might just have a delivery date for ya ;)


May 21, 2021

 1. We had to pause production to make adjustments based on the production samples (more details in video).

2. This is going to be the most epic iPhone case ever made. There is no room to cut corners.


4. Updated Ship Date: July 2021

(alongside another launch)




May 8, 2021

We are in production mode baby!! 

1. A few weeks ago we received our first production sample, pictured above!

2. We also received our first production samples for our Elite Magssafe Accesssories!




April 15th, 2021

Just wanted to give you all a quick and friendly Bullstrap “hello” and also send you an update on the greatest iPhone case ever created:

1. We have almost entirely completed the moulding process and confirmed/critiqued some of our first samples.

2. Production is underway!

3. Just something you should know is that we (Mason & Claudio) personally purchased iPhone 12’s just so we could use this case and the MagSafe accessories that we are crafting along side it.

4. Speaking of MagSafe accessories, we are going to blow your mind. There aren’t any products on the market like what we’re creating! 

5. Don’t forget to Enjoy Your Journey!



Mason + Claudio