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You're not Mainstream but Your Apple Watch is

There is nothing wrong with investing in luxury products because let’s face it, everyone you know has an Apple Watch these days. But being like everyone else is --- borrrring.

Although you might not be into accessorizing as much as your mom, girlfriend, wife, or grandma is – it doesn’t have to be complicated or take a lot of time to look put together. For an effortless look, try elevating an outfit with a fly Apple Watch strap to improve your overall appearance. You will feel more confident with a simple accessory you don’t have to think twice about. Whether you’ve been to the gym or just completed a million-dollar deal, a tasteful and timeless accessory can amp up your style.

Let’s be honest, it’s all in the details. From the belt to the cufflinks, matching tie and socks, to the brand of sneakers you casually sport around -- you are making fashion-forward decisions. So, why not do the same for your Apple Watch and take it to the next level?

Being more than just a functional accessory or another smartwatch, your Apple Watch connects you in every way possible. That’s probably why you love it so much. Simple features include: evaluating your heart rate, tracking fitness and health, making plans, asking Siri questions, playing music, sending messages, or connecting to cellular calls. With everything at your fingertips, you can conquer the world and crush the day one goal at a time – all while looking great.

Why Switch Out Your Apple Watch Strap?

 A casually dressed male sitting on a bench looking at a tablet with a Apple Watch at sunset

Stop being mediocre and invest in a unique Apple Watch band to add your own style and flair to any outfit, event, or activity. 

You’ve got one Apple Watch strap, but is it perfect for every situation you will ever be in? Probably not. 

You wouldn’t want to be embarrassed by wearing your bright colored silicone band with a suit, or by wearing a dressy leather strap to work out – different straps serve different functions depending on your daily activities. It is important to keep this in mind. 

Not only can your watch enhance your style, but it can also help you make a statement.

Transition into specific outfits or occasions with a variety of straps or bands. By building a quality collection or having a couple of different options to choose from, you will have the perfect watch for every moment and never feel subpar. So now, let’s step up your accessory game -- one strap at a time.

Which Apple Watch Strap to Purchase?

There are a variety of band options on the market; therefore, your Apple Watch can be customized to best fit your personality and appearance. However, it can be difficult to know which one to purchase and diversify your look.  

You’ve probably played it safe and only use it as it came out of the box or for specific activities because it doesn’t match everything. Matching is out and you already have a watch you love, so just switch out the straps to change it up. Your Apple Watch can become the most important accessory you own.

First, evaluate how you want to use your Apple Watch or when you tend to wear it most. This will help determine which style to consider and improve the overall aesthetic you are going for. Increase how often you wear and utilize your Apple Watch. We all know you’ll be looking so good you won’t stop checking the time.

From life at the gym to the workplace, and then to date night with your significant other your Apple Watch can be with you through it all. If you are going to keep it casual consider a leather, silicone, or nylon strap; or if you are planning to keep it classy try a stainless steel or metal strap. With a few easy adjustments, your watch will assist you in #nailingit.

Since you will be wearing your Apple Watch every day, you want it to be versatile yet durable.

Types of Apple Watch Bands

Personal preference, texture, and overall appearance will assist in making your ultimate decision, but here are some specs to evaluate before selecting.

Regardless of what Apple Watch series you own and the size of your wrist, there are iconic straps and bands to evaluate. Ranging in price and style, see which one will best fit your needs.

Flat lay on wood background of leather products: classic finish Apple Watch strap, black iPhone case, black wallet


  • Classic Design provides Versatility
  • Durable
  • Unique Texture and Character
  • Tasteful

There is nothing more classic and high-end than timeless leather. Generally crafted from genuine leather, stitched to perfection, and reinforced with thread – these luxury Apple Watch bands are built to last and only get better with time 

Each strap and finish are unique to the animal hide the band is cut from; hence, no one will have the exact same strap as you – making it one of a kind. Turn heads with a leather band your bros are sure to notice and get all the compliments you deserve. 

Easy on the skin and smooth to the touch, these bands make dressing up easy. Intended for everyday use, these straps are rich in color and strong. 

The skin-side of the strap provides cushioning and a snug fit. Don’t stress about losing your Apple Watch with these bands as they are securely anchored with a belt-like closure. It is easily adjustable to get the ideal fit. As the leather strap ages, it will develop patina and become more flexible, conforming uniquely to your wrist.

Not recommended to submerge into water; however, if you spill something on it – it will only add to its character. Leather, infused with natural oils and waxes does best in dry environments and will last for generations.

Most leather straps come with stainless steel hardware and in variegating neutral color options.

Close up view of a classic Space Gray Aluminum Case with a black sport Apple Watch strap on wrist

Rubber, Silicone, and Nylon

  • Breathable
  • Simplistic
  • Variety of Colors
  • Waterproof

Athletic Apple Watch straps are usually made of rubber or nylon – whether it be natural or synthetic. Designed specifically for sports and other physical activities, these breathable bands make it easier to enjoy your hard leg day.

Some styles feature holes throughout the band to appear as a type of mesh for better skin breathability; while others naturally sweat resistant. Most of these straps are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. 

Designed to be bold, these bands come in bright color options and are ideal for intense basketball games, wrestling with your little brother, and everything in between. High-performance activities and events can be endured with these soft bands as they are waterproof and easy to clean.

The clasp on a traditional silicone Apple Watch strap is usually a hook-and-loop or pin-and-tuck closure allowing you to easily put on or take off your watch. 

Black edition and silver metal Apple Watch straps next to Space Gray Aluminum Case and Silver Aluminum Case

 Metal or Stainless Steel

  • Indestructible
  • Long Lasting
  • Customizable Links
  • Classy, Elevated Look

Built strong and forged from solid stainless steel; the best Apple Watch bands are a modern take on the traditional metal watch bracelets. Designed specifically for comfort and durability, this chain-like style conforms perfectly without sacrificing structure.

Lugs and buckles are made of the same material, making it a seamless transition all the way around your wrist. To make the band customizable to your wrist, a link removal tool is provided.

For added security, a locking clasp has been engineered into the designs depending on the model and brand. Some styles even have more modern closures like a magnetic or butterfly clasp. With a brushed steel matte finish, this type of strap is simple but powerful. 

With continual wear and tear metal straps are subject to get scratches, but it will not lose its shape. When exposed to moisture, this band will not corrode making it durable and long-lasting. Metal straps come in a variety of finishes, depending on your preference. 

Stop being boring and take the advice from the females in your life. Accessorizing can be simple, but effortless with a luxury and premium Apple Watch band. 

With this in mind, take the next step and don’t settle for mainstream straps, because you were built for more. 

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