At the moment, the majority of the world is turning towards a more home-focused lifestyle. With this transition, more people are being to work from home! (ourselves included).

For us, the home office is a vital location. Over the past weeks, our team has been challenging each other to find the best items and tools to instantly upgrade our home offices…and after 15 days, we are ready to share the list with you! 

1. The fastest way to upgrade your office? Music. Not a day goes by where we don't have music bumping somewhere in the Bullstrap HQ, and bringing the same energy into the home office was the first order of business. The JBL Flip 4 has been a go-to for a few of us and we are not disappointed. For just over $104.95, the JBL easily fills a couple of rooms with an impressive level of audio while remaining sleek, easy to use, and even waterproof



2. Right behind music, our team decided that "fragrance" is the next most impactful thing to change in order to boost your home office. Sure, scents are subjective, but for us, the No. 7 Spiced Vanilla from Lulu Candles has been a recurring favorite!



3. If you're rocking the home-office lifestyle, the odds say you'll be working from some kind of device that requires charging. Boost the "juice" in all your devices with the wooden multi-charger with surge protection from Superdanny!




4. Nothing sets the mood for productivity, romance, and relaxation like lighting. Take the desk lamp from AUKEY and you’ve got every mood covered. We have one of these guys in every office here at the Bullstrap HQ. AUKEY provides soft, white light for daily productivity and color-changing settings for setting the mood for everything else. Oh yeah, it’s also touch-sensitive so you never have to flip a switch.



5. Nothing helps with killing time on your days off like a video game session. We can't speak for you, but we have many new "gamers" here at the office every since working from home. Rocket League, C.O.D, Apex Legends, and DARE we say *whispering* Fortnite...